Monday Notes!

To access the new WiFi code, use:
Wireless: UoA-Guest-WiFi
Password: G9zUEfxY
  • Please note: The Leaky Boat (Mount Eden Bowls Club) does not accept Visa or credit cards. You can use Eftpos (debit) or cash only.
  • Programme change for tomorrow: Sarah Woodland’s paper Heterotopias in Performance: Participatory theatre in a women’s prison will be 4:00-5:30pm in room N-561.

Nama-stay Fresh ! 

Stretch, soothe, and check in with yourself for a lovely morning of yoga before each day of action-packed events. We will be led in an all-levels practice Tuesday-Thursday and on Saturday morning from 7:45-8:45am in the drama studio (M202) by Mari Halina Colbert. Bring your own mat if you have one!

About Mari:

With a degree in contemporary dance and experience as a professional dancer touring Europe, yoga was a natural progression from Mari’s extensive experience and knowledge with the dancing body and a deep rooted curiosity in mindfulness and meditation. Having completed her 200 hour hatha/vinyasa yoga TTC in India and currently studying 200 hour Embodied Flow teacher training with Adele Kinghan, Mari is driven by a profound passion to help and guide others on their yoga journey, amalgamating her love for dance with this beautiful, ancient practice.





Mt Eden Bowling Club temporarily renamed The Leaky Boat:

IDIERI 9’s Official Pub

At the Epsom Campus of the University of Auckland, we are blessed to be situated right next door to the very regal looking Mt Eden Bowling Club.

The conference overview outlines the times when the Leaky Boat will open their doors to IDiERI 9 and provide a space for us to make connections with new and old friends, and enjoy the cheapest drinks in Mt Eden!


Please make sure to join us for a drink from 6.00 pm on Tuesday 3rd July as we will be launching the following books at the Bowling Club:

Applied Theatre: Economies By Dr Molly Mullen

Embodying Language in Action: The Artistry of Process Drama in Second Language Education by Dr Erika Piazzoli

Applied Theatre with Looked-After Children: Dramatising Social Care by Dr Claire MacNeill

Web of Performance: An Ensemble Workbook by Dr Monica Prendergast

Embodied Aesthetics in Drama Education by Dr Matthew DeCoursey.

We look forward to sharing laughter, stories, and pints here with you all at the Mt Eden Bowls Club in a few short weeks.


Plenary Performance — Tuesday 3 July


We are very excited to be welcomed by Creative Director Michelle Johansson of South Auckland theatre troupe the Black Friars at the Mangere Arts Centre. On Tuesday, 3rd July, they will perform for conference delegates their new work Heads Held High. 

Heads Held High 

“I was asked what do I hope for South Auckland.

I hope that one day our people understand that South Auckland is a place full of raw talent and love.

That one day instead of saying that they couldn’t make it because of where they’re from, they use South Auckland as motivation to succeed.

I hope that one day the media get it right about us – that they show how much we’ve grown as a whole, and the amount of positive change that has been made.

I hope that one day people who don’t live out South realise we aren’t just window washers and criminals but a place full of deadline meeters and high achievers.

Communities full of tradition and hope.

And this is where it all begins.

This is how Southside will rise”.

(Calista Fa’amausili, Tangaroa College Wayfinder. Warrior.)

Heads Held High brings together 60 young leaders from nine South Auckland schools to re-story the world they live in and to show us what it really means to lead.


About Creative Director Michelle Johansson 

Dr Michelle Johansson is a Polynesian theatre-maker and mother, doctoral scholar and former high school dropout.  She is currently Associate Programme Director at Teach First NZ: Ako Mātātupu and the Creative Director of the Black Friars Theatre Company. South Auckland, decile one born and bred, she is proud to work in the spaces where Education, Equity and the Performing Arts meet for Young Brown Scholars.

About Black Friars 

South Auckland based theatre troupe, the Black Friars, exists to foster performance places and practices that honour the principles of Teu Le Vā/Tauhi Vā, and to re-story Pasifika in the largest Polynesian city in the world.

They are educators and counsellors, facilitators and enablers, theatre-makers and storytellers. Embracing these multiple identities constitutes the fabric of the company. They are proud to be pan-Polynesian, poly-vocal performers invested in the construction of identity for Pasifika people.

Learn more about Black Friars’ 2017 production Southside Rise by clicking here.


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